Auslosung Exchange Agreement mit Finnland

Gestern wurde unter strenger Aufsicht und in Abwesenheit eines Notars die Teilnahme am AGM in Vasa Finnland ausgelost.
Der Zuschlag geht an Willem Douw von OT 177 Bad Kreuznach. Glückwunsch und ein  unvergessliches  Wochenende unter dem Motto “Hollywood”!

Rolf Scheifele
Welcome to Hollywood! Your guides for this tour will be your IRO (TBA)  and your Convenors Marcello and Tiina. Together with the rest of the crew we will guide you through an unforgettable weekend with a thousand of your best friends.
The city of Vaasa is located in the West Coast of Finland. You can easily access the city by train, car or plane. The train from Helsinki takes about 3,5 hours and a plane will get you here in less than an hour.
Before the actual AGM Weekend, a pre-tour has been planned for our international guests. The tour will be held in the beautiful city of Vaasa.
Dear Tablers and Circlers, welcome to Vaasa!